Stealth technology

Initially, V-KOOL was developed for NASA's NASA Aircraft and the US Air Force stealth aircraft. V-KOOL is manufactured at Southwall Technologies production facility located in Palo Alto United States through a complex process of metal sputter multi layer dielectric coating.

Reflect, not absorb

There is more than that seen by the eye when reviewing V-KOOL differences.

Unlike infrared absorbent window film (V-KOOL) has the ability to resist heat and keep the glass and interior of the vehicle at a comfortable temperature *. The superior XIR technology we use on film glass is not only visible but also perceived.

*VK series

7 precious metal coatings,one of them gold.

Each V-KOOL film sheet has at least 7 layers of multi-layered construction of dielectric-rare metals reinforced with gold * for high-performance heat-resistant and enhanced strength and durability.

*VK series